Poster of National Movement Party in Marneuli Local elections(

Just came  from Georgian region Marneuli.  We were making  report for  Radio GIPA  (Georgian Institute of  Public Affairs ) with my groupmates Azer Nazarov, Ulviyya Quliyeva, Lale Musaqizi and Nune Aylanjanyan.  We couldn’t stay  till the end of election day  but  things that we saw revealed that there is more needs to be done to improve election process in this region.

From 11:00 to 15:00 we  were in Marneuli.  Registrars  and  ruling  party  representatives were   satisfied by voting  process. They evaluated  public activity satisfactory.  But   results by two oclock  was  like this:   Polling Station No:5   Thirty five(3%)  people votet out of  registered  one thousand two hundred eighty one. The result in  Polling Station No: 85  were similar, fifty seven(5%) people voted  out of registered one thousand tüo hundred fifty one.

The first thing that  surprised me it was posters of National Movement.  Everywhere were  there  Posters  with numbers  but not with photos  of candidates, Mikheil Saakashvili was  on this  posters.  The  positive  for them was that they translated  it into Azerbaijani language.  Yusubov Huseyn  from National Movement ,  Mayor   Mayors  assistant said that they organised  comission for disabbled  peoples.

We  saw  Azer Suleymanov Georgian Parlament Memeber on our way. He told  as  he visited  different polling stations and  didn’t see any law violence.

Melik Harutunyan says he will vote for number 5(Aziz Suleimanov from National Movement) becuase he was told so

It has  been only hour when we entered  Polling  Station No:3 . A man came  for voting. When registrars  saw  journalists coming  they  checked  him and  he  had ink  in his finger but still  he wanted to   vote and then they silently told him  to wait us to leave and  come back again.

None Samkharadze correspondent from Independent Kvemo Kartli Media group said that  Christian Democrats and Republican Party saw  law violance.  We checked and  talked  to Mamuka Shavadze Christian Democrats representative.  He  confirmed  information and said that some group wanted to do carusel  opperation (when same  people try to vote on different  polling stations). But  they don’t  know  whos  interest they were sruving.  Beside this  there was  ink problem in  Kvemo Sarali. But after their protests problem  was solved.

On Polling Station 85  when we interested  about opposition representatives  they pointed  to a  young man. But when we asked him to  which party he belongs  he couldn’t  answere  and  asked  to wait.

Ayat Ibrahimov   Head  of Polling Station No:67 said  they had more  guests than voters.   only 25 voted  from 1247. and 8 of them are women.  Yusubov Huseyn mayor assistant  said women involvement in elections  increased. More women voted  that last year.

This is the law violence which  i video captured. . .